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Media Filtration Systems CSF-5 Alkota

Media Filtration Systems CSF-5 Alkota

Media Filtration Systems CSF Series is a low maintenance affordable way of working with water conservation or environmental regulations that limit the discharge of pressure washer or steam cleaner generated waste streams. This system utilizes above storage and process vessels for the ease of service & maintenance while preserving the environmental integrity of the property. The CSF-5 & 10 & 20 limits the need for underground containment while limiting the exposure for possible leaks that could potentially contaminate property. The Alkota CSF Series is offered in a modular design so that treatment options can change with the demands of the business. Simply by adding on additional treatment phases or technologies you can continue to build & design your site specific system as your environmental issues change.

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Media Filtration Systems CSF-5 Alkota
Horizontal Height55.75 in
Weight1066 lbs
Horizontal Length100.75 in
Horizontal Width51.25 in
Treatment Tank Capacity200 gal
Coalescing System Capacity8 gpm
Vertical Height87 in
Coalescing System TypeC-8
Vertical Length73.25 in
Filtration5 gpm
Vertical Width51.25 in
Fuse Rating20 a
Voltage115 v
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