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Water Heater Oil Fired 1010 Alkota

Water Heater Oil Fired 1010 Alkota

Water Heater Oil Fired - Model 1010 can be used for on demand hot water. This oil fired hot box fires 1,000,000 BTU into a spiral design heat exchanger with schedule 80 steel pipe. The fuel source can be diesel fuel or kerosene. There are many options that can be added to Alkota water heaters to meet your needs. With the support of your local Alkota dealer we can find the correct solution for you. Hot water heaters from Alkota feature our industry leading hydro insulated coil. The hydro insulated coil provides user safety and well as money saving performance. Alkota hot water heaters protect you with a 7-year coil warranty. Water heaters have many different applications we would love to talk about new ideas and put an Alkota water heater to work for you. Multiple voltages available please inquire.

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Water Heater Oil Fired 1010 Alkota
Fuel Oil SolenoidOptional
Coil Inner Diameter3/4 in
Temperature ControlStandard
Fuel SourceKerosene, #1, #2 Diesel
Coil TypeHorizontal Schedule 80
Weight1095 lbs
Height64 in
Flow SwitchOptional
Width30 in
Length30 in
Fuel Consumption6.7 gal/h
BTU Rating1000000 Btu
Oil Primary ControlStandard
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